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Dirty Daddy

by Veronica Bates at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Veronica Bates

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, businesses, characters and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, actual events or locations is purely coincidental.

Josh came home from college a day earlier than he had planned. He noticed his step-father's car was parked in the garage, and assumed that dad must be home working in his office, as his dad sometimes did. His step-father, Mr. Evans, was a big-shot successful lawyer, and was admired by ladies and men alike. Josh himself greatly admired his father. Mr. Evans had practically raised Josh as his own ever since he married Josh’s mother when Josh was a toddler. Josh hoped to one day be in the same position as his dad.

Josh walked into the quiet house and headed straight to his bedroom to drop off his bags. He figured he would say hello to his dad later, before dinner, so as not to disturb his dad’s work. As Josh walked upstairs toward his bedroom, he heard a muffled noise. He paused on the step and listened. The noise was coming from his dad's office. Josh walked past the kitchen and up to the closed office door. He cracked opened the door and gasped. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Dad was leaning back in his executive leather chair, still in his work suit with his pants unbuckled, while Stephen, one of dad's interns, was on his knees sucking on dad's thick dick.

His dad moaned again, loudly and clearly this time, at what Stephen was doing to his big shaft.

"Oh, fuck, yeah," he said, "God, you're so good at this, much better than that Anderson." He pulled on Stephen's short brown hair and grabbed hold of it so he could force his cock in and out of Stephen's mouth.

Josh was too shocked to interrupt, or even walk away, and instead stood there watching through a small crack. He had a massive boner watching his dad get sucked. He unbuttoned his pants and squeezed his hard shaft to relieve some tension. He stood mesmerized, watching and quietly jerking his dick.

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