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A Hayu's Dream

By Beth Hoyer

Copyrighted Beth Hoyer 2012

Published at Smashwords

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Chapter One

Annika woke herself from sleep groaning and moaning loudly in the hut shared with her mate Theo who was heard groaning loudly saying “Not those dreams again Annika.”

Annika rolled over adjusting the blanket over her dress and gave Theo a golden eyed glare who sighed loudly an annoying Human sound despite their species being dubbed Hayu by the forest moon world’s ruler Edenia herself.

She continued to glare at Theo who opened his eyes showing them golden like hers and he spoke “Simply write down those dreams like everyone else around here has been doing instead of keeping them to themselves anyway.”

She thumped a fist onto Theo’s shoulder who looked at her rolling over to eye her as she spoke “Spill it Theo on how I’m supposed to get some writing materials and something to write with anyway? Its such a fuss to make them off nature around here plus Edenia told us to reserve that habit for the offspring to learn stories of other places instead of this moon world Edenia.”

Annika glared at Theo who spoke in response “Simply narrate the story to the offspring instead. They’ve been begging Hayu around here to tell them a story instead of reading it by writing and seem to find that boring anyway judging by them nodding off mid way during a story read to them.”

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