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Star Wars Awakening

By: David Gremillion

Copyright 2012

Published at Smashwords


Star Wars: Awakening is a multi-year labor of love. For my entire life, Star Wars has been a part of who I am. I thrilled to Luke’s heroics in the daring rescue of Princess Leia. My heart plummeted when I heard Vader confess Luke’s parentage. I cheered when Han Solo blew up the shield generator on Endor, allowing the rebellion to finally triumph over the Empire.

The Phantom Menace was going to unite two generations of Star Wars fans. Those who saw the movies in the theaters and those that could only guess at what it was like to see it on the big screen.

Ultimately, many people saw the story as a disappointment. I was one of those that felt disillusioned by what I saw. As a result, I wrote this novel to address several shortcomings. The introduction of midi-chlorians, a Trade Federation that acted out of character, and a general disconnect to the Star Wars saga seemed to raise more questions than they answered.

The novel you are about to read doesn’t only hope to address that disconnect, but also offer you a new and entertaining story. I will bring you to Alderaan and worlds rarely visited in the Republic with new characters. Together, they will aid our trio in their journey to uncover the truth and prevent the greatest war of their time.

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