Four Naughty Sluts Collection

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Daddy Caught Us

Dance Fuck

Fucking The Boss

The Slut Next Door

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Daddy Caught Us

Jess cranked up the music on her computer to drown out any noise coming from her room and flicked on her vibrator. She was excited to try out her new toy and her pussy ached for release.

“Wait, let’s get a little more in the mood first.” Sam said as she grabbed Jess’ hand and snatched the vibrator from her. She switched it off and tossed it onto the bed.

“But I’m already so horny!” Jess said, putting on a fake pouty face. “Who wouldn’t be when you come in here wearing that.” she said with a sly grin and tugged at Sam’s tiny red plaid skirt.

Jess’ parents didn’t approve of Sam. They were both eighteen years old but Sam seemed much more experienced. She had several tattoos, piercings, and always had some black article of clothing on. She had milky pale skin and dark, long hair that hung past her shoulders. Jess loved kissing her juicy red lips, and she moved forward to make out with her as she slowly slid her hand up Sam’s short skirt.

“Hold on tiger.” Sam whispered. Jess was about to stick her tongue in Sam’s mouth. She put her pouty face back on.

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