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Publisher note: This transcript was discovered by [anon] after clean-up operations began at the Westfield Psychiatric Hospital on 1st October 2009. At this time we have sufficient reason to believe its contents to be accurate, and true. No other documentation of any kind was recovered from Westfield. Most of the following pages are the original copies – some sections were fragile and worn and so had to be re-typed to our best ability.

[Case Report #357597]
Transcripts of events & multiple interviews concerning J.W.Gray
Notes by Dr. Henry Renholm, Ph.D

Dr. H.R. Case Log - First entry, 24 August 2009

Jonathan Whitehall Gray has been under my observation here at [censored] for several months now. So far he has displayed no outward signs of communication or interaction with the world or any of his fellow inmates at the institution. It is my belief that the events of the few months preceding his incarceration here have left his mind fractured and severely impaired.

Publisher note: [censored] would likely have been the Westfield Hospital name, blotted out to protect the establishment and those working there.

Details of the events of June-July 2009 which consequently saw Mr Gray placed here for treatment by the D[illegible]A are unclear. I still hold a small hope that he will regain some semblance of consciousness and that we may talk about those events together. An understanding of his perspective on things would greatly aid in my attempt to rehabilitate him. For now, we simply make him comfortable and wait for him to, as it were, come back to us.

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