The Memoirs of a Citizen Joe”


Terry E. Cropf

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Section I: PREFACE

Tuesday August 17, 2010

All the years of my soldierly past have led to this moment. I stand ready to face the board. I have not prepared answers, but I have done my homework. Soon my future will be defined, and, perhaps, the last few years of my life as well, rendering them, and maybe even me, whole again. I will know if, in this moment, my integrity will be restored, my mind washed free of the guilt of my past. The next thirty minutes can change my life, as I hoped it would be changed, since receiving my Physician’s Assistant (PA) degree a year ago. I completed my education for the sole purpose of becoming an Army PA. It all comes down to this board, to these three field grade officers and their questions. My mind is blank, there is little worry, although I feel the stress in my neck. I can feel the blood coursing through my carotid arteries, each pulse supplying oxygen to my cerebrum, maintaining my ability to engage in intellectual dialogue for this singular opportunity.

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