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2011©Caroline Doyle

Published by Rainbow Publishing

Smashwords Edition

The First Time

Sarah was new to the scene and didn’t know what to expect. Shed spent her life believing that she was something other than what she truly was, but now she was certain of who she was for the first time in her life. She was now divorced and luckily she had never had any children.

She sat quietly in the corner of the bar trying to look as if everything was totally normal for her. She could feel herself shaking inside as her nerves began to get the better of her. Every bone in her body told her to get out of there fast before anybody noticed her, but she knew that if she left now she would never return.

As she approached the bar to get a fresh pint she noticed a girl watching her from the far end of the room. As their eyes met she quickly looked away as the colour in her face began to rise. That girl is gorgeous, shed never be interested in me she thought, but she could not help glancing over again to see the girl still looking at her.

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