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The door opened and the female traveler, dressed in a fine white robe, pointed towards the window.

Somebody was trying to come in through the window,” she shrieked. “What kind of an inn are you running when decent people don’t even have privacy in their room?”

Esta trudged over and leaned out the window, looking in both directions. Only a skinny strip of wood ran along this side of the building and a bandit would have to be crazy to attempt moving along it, the fall could kill him. Down below in the street nobody was moving. The only movement visible was down in the harbor area where the last of the fishermen were putting out to sea. Esta watched the small, drab boats heading seaward under the dim light of morning before closing the shutters and turning to the woman.

I don’t see anything out there,” he stated. “Don’t think anyone could walk on the little strip of wood out there and there aren’t any ladders in sight.”

Are you calling me a liar?” she demanded. “I tell you, someone was out there and I shouldn’t have to pay for a room that’s not private.”

Esta made a motion to smooth hair on the top of his head, hair that had disappeared years ago. He had long demanded that rooms be paid for in advance and occasionally ran into customers who would find fault with rooms just to get their money back. Placing his fists on his hips, he scowled at the woman.

Look,” he stated, “this is a private room, just what you paid for. Your door locks and the windows have shutters. You want to go parading yourself around in front of an open window, that’s your business, but if your screaming wakes any of my late sleepers, I’ll have to kick you out.”

Esta stormed off, leaving the woman complaining as he left. Everyone looked towards Esta as he reached the ground floor and the innkeeper just waved them off to indicate that there was nothing to worry about. Back in the kitchen, he returned his attention to the young boy who was selling rabbits to the inn.

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