Time to Move

by Laura Payeur

Copyright 2012 Laura Payeur

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and events are solely the product of the author's imagination or are used fictiously. Any resemblences to actual persons living or dead, businesses, places or events is entirely coincidental.

My name is Ardelia Smith. I'm a thirty-two year old happy homemaker, most of the time. Tonight's not exactly one of those nights.

It's a summer night, Saturday, I'm sitting in the shadows of the enclosed porch. The only thing visible in the dark is the glowing red tip of my cigarette. The air is slightly humid, but somewhere around seventy degrees, bearable. We have been renting the same house for going on three years. It's not the right place, but it's decent enough. Not nearly big enough for our large family. The girls, all three of them, sleep in one very over-crowded bedroom. Aiden, the youngest and only boy, has his own room. Devan and I sleep in what the old folks used to call the front room or sitting room. One floor, five rooms and six people. Luckily the kids are still small enough where it doesn't matter much to them, as long as they know where to find all of their toys.

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