A number more years had gone by, at times it seemed like I had been working here at the bordello forever, not that I minded of course, I still loved the job, still loved the sex, still loved getting fucked hard and long several times a night, often by complete strangers, for large sums of money. It had become my life in so many ways, the old me, the male human mobster, was another lifetime, another person. I was Keasha now, a gorgeous Black Panther cat girl hybrid, built for sex, a rich man’s plaything.

In the last two years two of the girls had left, Joyce and Miranda, a Fox hybrid and a domestic cat hybrid , and been replaced by Samantha and Jessie, another Fox hybrid and a German Sheppard hybrid. James was apparently rather taken with the Fox, he spent a lot of time with her, as he had once spent with me. I could have been jealous, but I wasn’t, I had a sneaky suspicious as to where Samantha came from, and I had a much better understanding of James now.

Oh I still loved doing things for him, and being done by him. There was a very strong attraction there and he still could light me up like a bonfire, but he wasn’t relationship material really. I was a toy to him, and while I enjoyed being his toy, a new one had shown up, and he was lording himself over her. It was kind of fun to watch, apparently a good number of James’ converts never made it out from under him. I suspected that out of the twenty females that worked here, half were like me, guys he had turned into female sex machines.

Pam I was pretty sure was not one of them, Jill however I was pretty sure was, but it didn’t really matter. We all liked it here, and we all loved James. And of course, the sex.

Financially I was pretty set, yeah after taxes my small percentage got even smaller, but other than clothing and the like, there wasn’t anything else I had to spend money on, so I was fairly loaded after six wonderful years of spreading my legs for money. I also had a fairly loyal following. Yeah my social life sucked, I didn’t get out much, but we did get rented out for parties and other large bashes every once in a while. That was always fun.

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