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Previously in Heaven Bent: Movie star Stag Lincoln got a warning from a man claiming to be his future self. He did a dangerous stunt anyway and ended up in a helicopter crash. Waking up, he met a young woman who told him he'd died and gone to Heaven...and that she was his daughter. There's just one problem...

"I never had a daughter!" That's what I said as Lillian helped me off the bed in the all-white room where I'd awakened. "This is impossible!"

"Um, no it's not." Lillian laughed and gave her long black hair a toss. "You're not going to make me explain the birds and the bees, are you, Dad?"

Standing there, I stared at her, looking for something familiar in her face. "But, see, I never had a daughter. I never had children, period."

Grinning, she pressed a finger against my lips. "That you know of."

She had a point. I did sow my share of wild oats. "Then tell me, who's your mother?"

Lillian shook her head. "That's a secret. I'll tell you later." She took me by the arm and led me toward the door. "For now, we need to get you settled in."

"Secret, huh?" I scowled at her. "Then at least tell me how you can be my daughter when you look like you're in your thirties."

She shrugged. "Time has no meaning here." She reached for the doorknob. "All times are one in Heaven."

As she opened the door, bright light flooded into the room. Squinting, I shaded my eyes with my hand.

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