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I Was Attacked by a Shark

By Ryan Barlow

Copyright 2007, 2012 Ryan Barlow

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I was attacked by a shark.

A lemon shark to be precise. A large, scary, 10 Ft. lemon shark, in the shark infested waters of the Caribbean.

I began this journey deep in the isles of the Caribbean's Exuma Cays, on an adventure I will most likely never forget. I took a cigarette boat from Nassau to Exuma on a guided tour of the area. We first stopped at Alan's Cay and hand fed the wild iguanas that populated the island. These guys are quick and agile, not the fat lazy ones you see in Mexico. That alone was an amazing experience, but the best was yet to come.

After a few moments, we were taken to a private island owned by our guide, and we noticed upon arrival, there were sharks everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. Untamed, unflinching, large, in-the-wild sharks. I noted 3 kinds that day: nurse sharks, reef sharks, and lemon sharks. Our guide told us that hammerheads were also common in the area but we did not see any, but there were a lot of huge stingrays and barracudas in the mix. We docked, and as the rest of our group headed to get drinks, I had to get a closer look. I was invited to get INTO the water by one of our hosts, and he told me not to worry, that they usually don't attack right away.

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