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Copyright © 2012 Danity O’Shae

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Author Danity O’Shae

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I kept my eyes on her as she worked the room, accepting congratulations as she went. Half of our colleagues were already drunk even though we were only an hour into the office holiday party, most of them unaware that she’d just received a promotion. Partners, junior partners and all the rest mingled in a less competitive fashion than what was the norm at work. Dunson & Cox was the biggest law firm in the city, and this was the only day of the year that we were all allowed to let loose.

Our affair had been going strong for six months now, but I was ready to put a more definite term on our relationship, even if it meant me having to go to another firm. Despite the secret we shared, I knew she was thinking about me too, her chocolate brown eyes lifting ever so often to catch my appreciative gaze. Shortly cropped hair graced her head in a smooth bob giving her the executive look she strived for. There was nothing to be done about the curvaceous body she’d been born with, a curse in her eyes, but a blessing for me. Full perky breasts sat high on her chest, her waist looking even more narrow in the little black dress she wore tonight. I knew that beneath where the hem stopped, thick luscious thighs, and a nice round bubble ass hid underneath, long shapely legs only adding to her sexiness.

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