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Pumping Teen Iron Cock 2:

Pumping His Iron Cock Series

Lula Lisbon

Copyright © 2012 Lula Lisbon

Cover Design Copyright © 2012 Lula Lisbon

Smashwords Edition


This book is intended for sale to ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language, which may be considered offensive by some readers. Please store your files where minors cannot access them.

Pumping Teen Iron Cock 2:

Pumping His Iron Cock Series

“Tell me one of your fantasies,” Gabriel demanded as he nuzzled Drew’s silky-smooth neck. “And make it a good and dirty one!”

They were sprawled across Gabriel’s luxuriously disheveled king-sized bed; his master bedroom was tastefully decorated in a modern Asian-inspired style, all black mahogany, deep reds, and golds. Drew closed his eyes, not able to concentrate on the question with Gabriel’s wet tongue licking determinedly down his bare chest, and his cock was ready to go again even after the delicious two-hour fuck session they’d just had. A trip-hop mix was softly playing on the stereo, creating a wonderful atmosphere with the dozens of glowing scented candles scattered around the elegant room.

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