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Smashwords Edition

Sharing a Tent With Her
Big Brother

“YOU ASSHOLE!” Lisa shouted. “You did that on purpose!”

Mike smirked. “I’m not the one who tripped and spilled a whole pot of baked beans in MY sleeping bag. You should probably be more careful when you’re walking at night.”

Lisa sputtered incoherently. “Oh, so that stool just happened to move from the campfire to the perfect place to…”

“ENOUGH!” bellowed her step-father Charles. “I’m sick and tired of you two arguing all the time. You’re adults, not children. This was supposed to be a fun, family camping trip and you two are making it miserable. Your bickering and constant fighting are childish and frankly, I’m DONE with it.”

Lisa’s mother chimed in. “Your father and I have had it with you two. We really thought you’d outgrow it but somehow, you’ve just gotten worse and worse.”

Lisa and Mike glared at each other.

“Look Mom,” Mike began reasonably, but Lisa’s mom cut him off. “No. There is no excuse. I don’t want to hear a single word. You two are like annoying, yapping dogs and you’ve turned this trip into utter hell. I’m done with the both of you.”

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