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“Your mother is right,” Charles said. “You’re acting like children and if you want to be treated as such, keep it up. Children don’t get cars or have their college paid for. They do chores and go to bed early.”

“Whoa,” Lisa said, “I need my car and…”

“And we need our peace,” her mom snapped. “Both of you, go to sleep. Work it out. I don’t care what you do, but god help me, tomorrow morning I expect you to be pleasant, respectful, kind, and GODDAM NICE!”

There was a shocked silence, then Mike said gingerly, “Well, we only have one sleeping bag, so how do you want us to…”

“You’re going to do something you never learned to do before and SHARE!” Charles said grimly. Turning to his wife he added, “Come on babe, let’s crack open a bottle of wine and pretend we left these two home and went to Maui instead.”

They walked off and left Lisa and Mike looking at each other.

“Holy shit,” Mike said softly. “We might have gone a bit too far this time.”

“You THINK?” Lisa replied. “Where the hell am I going to sleep? It’s cold as FUCK out here.”

“Look, we can make do. They’re really pissed. I mean REALLY pissed.”

“I’m not going to lose my car because you’re a dick,” Lisa said. “So let’s just get through this night and we’ll figure something out tomorrow.”

Inside the tent they looked at the single sleeping bag dubiously and then Lisa said, “Maybe you should take the ‘bean bag’.”

“Hell with that,” Mike replied. “I’m not going to lie in cold beans all night. Plus, I don’t want some bear to eat me just because he’s hungry. I’d be like a Hot Pocket for him.”

As annoying as Mike was, Lisa had to admit he was right. They’d have to share the sleeping bag and deep down inside, farther than she’d ever care to admit, she wasn’t completely mad.

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