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- Susan Kirkland, reviewer, Calhoun Times

Fuchs brings to life a wonderfully imaginative hero we can all relate to . . . . If you’re looking for something different, something truly creative, yet filled with action, look no further. Axiom-man is the end of your search.”

- David Brollier, author of The 3rd Covenant

I found myself picking the book up at various points in the day, just to read a little more.”

- Darryl Sloan, author of Ulterior and Chion

Plenty of surprising twists and turns in this highly enjoyable story. It’ll leave you wanting more. Axiom-man is a delightfully human superhero with true depth and spirituality.”

- Grace Bridges, author of Faith Awakened

If you’re an action fan with moral sensibilities you’ll not just enjoy Axiom-man, you’ll wish you were he.”

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