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Homemade Devices For Inventive Teens -
Make Stuff For Fun

By Alan Detwiler
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Copyright 2012 Alan Detwiler

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article title
prolog  -- build some wonders
large paper clips  -- hold many sheets of paper
CD holder -- storage for CDs in jewel cases
macrame hanger -- for hanging a flower pot
crayon batik -- draw on cloth with a crayon
bootjack -- used to help remove your boots
duct tape wallet -- a wallet made from duct tape
whirligig -- easy, well working whirligig
paper bowl -- decorative bowl from paper strips
boot puzzle -- a puzzle made from paper
snap trick -- a puzzle made from wood
fractal folds -- from cut & folded paper, cool
string climber -- a simple mechanical wonder
book safe -- a hiding place in a book
door sign -- a message on your room door
collage -- make a display of many pictures
smoke rings -- a few ways to make smoke rings
paper ball -- 3 paper disks cleverly put together
water viewer -- aids seeing what's under water
bookcover -- from a paper grocery bag
theme box -- decorative/functional paper box
paper cube -- cleverly made paper cube
juggling sticks -- sticks made for juggling
tube dulcimer -- music from metal tubes
geodesic structure -- from rolls of paper
string sphere -- string made rigid with glue
cable ride -- a pulley that rolls on a cable
dollar ring -- paper money folded into a ring
cubby box -- multi section display box
catamaran -- model boat from soda bottles
pinwheel -- for low speed air currents
cook something -- enjoy making and eating it
stilts -- walking tall is fun
scrapbook -- reminders of interesting events
rope machine -- make your own rope
model burrow -- use it as a pencil holder
drawing board -- swings to draw a patterns
juggling pins -- you can make them from junk
Jacob's ladder -- it's peculiar somehow
disk box -- a box made from computer disks
bottle rocket -- pump it up and up it goes
potato gun -- shoots plugs of raw potatoes
simplest motor -- battery, wire and a magnet
epilog -- what's good about making stuff

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