"I love you and entertain yourself with books, Sweetheart, lots of books, especially math!" Dad yelled out as he waved back, and then the Volkswagen pulled out of the driveway.

"Really, Carol, time will go by quickly", my aunt said and she picked up my suit case and walked into the house.

"Don't fret and make the best out of the situation. When life gives you lemons, why I say make lemonade!" she sang out happily.

I remembered my parents and teachers always saying that, but I didn't really like lemonade either.

We walked up a spiral iron staircase and down a dimly lit wooden hall to the room that would be mine for the next couple of months. My aunt opened a tired creaking door. I was pleasantly surprised to find a cozy room with a large brass bed. There were many filled bookshelves and a white fluffy cat. The cat was curled in a ball atop of the thickest down comforter I had ever seen. He had a black spot the shape of a diamond on his head. He looked up at me, stretched his fat paws, then retreated into his curl and fell back to sleep.

"That would be Marlin, my cat, and it seems he has already decided to bunk with you while you are here," my aunt said. "Make yourself comfortable and come down and join me for a glass of lemonade when you are finished."

Great...I thought to myself, more with the lemonade, and I reached forward to unpack my things.

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