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How did God exist, what is his purpose, and how is it evident?

I imagine an entity, evolving through unlimited time, collecting knowledge of perfection, could be God. God, knowing what can destroy perfection: greed, lust, selfishness, dishonesty, those things that keep a soul from wisdom and peace, could create a world where we could choose to strive towards perfection with proper instructions, or continue to fail the tests set before us. How else could he give us a gift of great knowledge when it takes going through experience to gain a complete soul by ourselves. We couldn't claim our soul as our own, or our accomplishments, if we weren't presented with these tests to become our own selves. We could be given a chance to gain this knowledge during a life time since we cannot do the impossible, learning this through whatever God went through to learn this, as we are not God. It is impossible to achieve this since we are not God,so God went further in showing us perfection by giving a son to us. We can, IF WE CHOOSE, ask for help. Despite pain,he gave his son to us because it was for the greater good,to make up for what we cannot achieve.

How would this occur without a God? I see no other logical answer to how we learn, through trial and error and natural consequences, how to make a good soul. I don't see any random explanation for this. There seems to be a methodological plan placed in the world, at all times even, that leads us toward closer perfection. If all were random, how is the world set up to test our ability to be enlightened humans? I cannot explain this without God.

Thinking about how we are set up right in the middle of everything.

A God Equation-

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