A Cats Tale

The Nine Lives of Isabelle Book I Amun

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A Cats Tale

The Nine Lives of Isabelle Book I: Amun

By Robert Dixon


We have all heard of the saying that a cat has nine lives, but where did it come from? Sure most humans would say that it’s because cats are so lucky, but I am here to set the story straight. A cat having nine lives is not because that cat is lucky; it is because that cat upset a goddess! Plus, guess what? All of those nine lives are not as the same cat! I should know, because I’m that cat.

Hi! My name is Amun, but you can call me by my current name, Isabelle. I am currently on life number nine and I can’t say if there will be any more lives after this one, but believe me, a rest would sure be nice. In my other lives I have been either a male or a female cat. I have never been anything else, not a human, or any other kind of animal especially a snake (ugh!) or a dog. As the saying goes cats rule and dogs drool, I really couldn’t see me as a mindless drooling dog. Believe me, I have seen enough of them through my other lives to know that cats are definitely on the top of the chain as far as animals go, and this may include humans as well.

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