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How to Treat a Sissy - Properly


This book has two novelettes by Bea. As always, the main theme is the subjugation and humiliation of males by dominant women. But there is one major difference here. Mostly, Bea's stories deal with situations where the male discovers his tendencies towards being effeminate and his wife/ girlfriend/ boss gradually take advantage of his proclivities.

In both of the following stories, however, the male STARTS from a weak position. Bea felt that putting those tales together could possibly be a good primer for females who are new to the position of dominatrix? That is why the title is worded in the way that it is. Maybe provide some strong hints about what sissies REALLY want?


Enid uncoiled from her chair and sauntered over towards me. She still held the half finished drink in her hand. Concentrating on my embroidery I didn't look up right away, but could hear the tinkle of the ice cubes as she neared me.

"Like another drink dear?" I asked, suddenly afraid that she would think I was ignoring her and raising my eyes.

"No thank you pet." She replied. "Just thought I'd see how your needlework is doing. Let's see, eh?" And she held her hand out.

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