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“I love you Simon. I wish I didn’t, but I do. It’s destiny, as if I were made for you.” She looked up at Simon, her eyes big, twinkling, passionate, and tracking him perfectly. He felt as if he could fall into them.

“I love you too,” Simon said. “But sometimes, love is not enough. Sometimes, loving someone, is just not-- right.”

“I know,” she said shyly, “but still, I love you. I just do. You’ve simply made me be that way.”

Simon held his “smart” phone in front of him. He had named his personal AI, “Sandy”. The image of Sandy, his cell phone’s six generation Artificial Intelligence avatar, was on the screen before him looking just a touch, lascivious. He liked it, he had to admit that. Sandy was the current evolution in a series of progressively more sophisticated software programs that began with “Siri” on the old iPhone platform.

After that, all the other cell phone companies had jumped on board with their own AI “flavors”. Each owner’s AI assistant would tailor itself to that individual, learning over a period of a week and then becoming ever more progressively attuned until it was perfectly meshed with what that owner required of it.

After a few generations of this type of software, these AI’s had morphed from mere personal digital assistant, to full blown knowledgebase “worms”, going out on the internet to find needed information, then also perform analysis and clarification. Then they grew to near therapist capability and beyond that esthetically to friend.

These AI’s were backed up regularly so that even if you lost your phone you could simply get a new phone, download your personally grown AI and off you’d go. There were even instances of the phone having been lost or stolen and the AI finding its way back to the owner; one way or another. There were social myths and rumors that have even purported that some AI’s had been somewhat questionable in their “behavior” in order to get back “home” to their owners.

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