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Loving My Mommy By The Pool

by Kitty Meaker

All characters are over the age of 18. This story depicts sexual acts between step-mother and step-son.

Copyright Kitty Meaker 2012

Published at Smashwords

Blake Olsen stared out the window, slowly stroking his hard cock. It was the beginning of summer and his step-mom Jane was laying by the pool in her skimpy bikini. She did this every year, but this year was different. This year, Blake had begun to notice his step-mother as the voluptuous woman she was.

It was hard not to, when she walked around the house almost naked. She had never shown him the goods, but she was constantly teasing. Blake had seen her in her bra and panties countless times, in her bathrobe with nothing on underneath, and of course in the skimpy bikinis she wore practically all summer long.

Blake felt guilty, thinking about his step-mother this way, but sometimes he got angry as well. His father was out of town for weeks at a time on business, and sometimes Blake felt like he was the man of the house. And shouldn't the man of the house have certain rights? Blake was constantly talking himself out of visiting his step-mother's room at night, slipping into her bed, and trying to seduce her.

The two were certainly familiar with each other. He called her “mom” and she called him “son”. She had taken him to get enrolled at the local college, and consoled him when he had flunked out of his third semester. She was urging him to go back, but Blake just didn't feel confident enough to try it yet.

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