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Shannon and Ally Love Winter

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2012 Kate Everson

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It was winter in Ottawa.

Shannon and Ally did not mind the cold. They loved to play in the snow and skate on the ice and slide down the hills.

“Winter is fun!” said Shannon

“Wheeee!” said Ally, sliding down a hill on her toboggan.

Becca their golden retriever came running after them, wagging her tail. She did not mind the cold either. She had long, reddish fur that kept her warm. She buried her nose in the snow and sniffed, then pushed her nose up all covered in snow.

“She looks funny with snow all over her nose,” laughed Shannon.

Then Shannon and Ally put their noses in the snow and pretended to be dogs. When they came up their faces were white. Ally stuck out her tongue and licked her own face.

“I am a snow girl!” she laughed.

Then Mommy and Daddy said to bundle up and get in the car. They were going to Winterlude to see the ice sculptures along the Rideau Canal.

“Can we skate there?” asked Ally.

But Daddy said, “No, it’s too far! We will hop on the Sno-Bus instead.”

So they parked the car at Dow’s Lake and caught the Sno-Bus. They sat at the very back and bumped along as the bus went along the road beside the canal. There were people skating all the way downtown, seven kilometres.

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