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I Almost Died in the Grand Canyon

By Ryan Barlow

Copyright 2007, 2012 Ryan Barlow

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I now regret the title of my article "I Was Attacked by a shark".

I regret the title because it was a sensational title to attract readers. I was lashed by a shark's tail, and though it was quite scary, I never felt my life was threatened. The shark did not bite me. I never thought I was going to die in the Caribbean. I wanted to title this story "I was attacked by Giant Bighorn Sheep" but I don't want to seem like the boy who cried wolf, so instead I will name it a more sobering:

"I Almost Died in the Grand Canyon".

Two weeks and two animal attacks, except this animal attack was far scarier then the sharks and I actually faced death for the first time in my life. I honestly believed my life was at an end.

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