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After a few cycles of this, he begins to notice himself as hollow, absent a tangible form, a bare concept leaping from one mind to another, from body to body. Living and dying within each. He ponders this for a while, then looks into his own thoughts. In so doing, his perceptions shatter.

He feels the moment of his own creation. Feels it as surely as one might feel their own hands clasp and fingers coil.

He doesn’t know where or why it happens, and even less about the mechanisms which allowed him to feel things before a brain had even been present. All he knows for certain is that he will die. Perhaps not today, perhaps not even tomorrow, but die he most certainly will. He feels this fate like a vector, a path leading his existence to a singular point in time where he would cease to exist. This point he cannot see, but feels it coming – a storm on the horizon of his existence. He fears it. And that fear drives him, makes him think of how such a thing could be averted. Dread guides his mind before any other emotion even takes root. Then, he notices something else.

Shapes move about him. Specters in the mist of his own thoughts. Time molds itself into a concept he isn’t able to grasp, but one he feels none the less, its passage forging quantum possibilities from which a vibrational structure of matter can emerge. A body.

Pulsing inside his skull, upon the conduits of his mind, new emotions warp and weft.

Feelings became more tangible and numerous as a result, and at the same time less definable, fleeting.

Time drags on.

At one point, the shapes about him vanish and are replaced by a globe swimming in all-encompassing darkness. The globe appears only partially there at first – a mist–thought – then, as time builds layer upon layer in his vision, the orb solidifies into existence beneath him, forming a wet globe. Upon this sphere of crude matter, shapes gather and make war upon one another. To his surprise, it isn’t just the people who wage it either, everything on this… world seems to possess an inherent desire for destruction, a need to feast on something else and make it a part of itself.

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