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The Culture War

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“Men are not gentle creatures who just want to be loved. On the contrary, they are fundamentally territorial and aggressive: As a result, their neighbor is for them not only a potential helper or sexual object, but also someone who tempts them to satisfy their aggressiveness on him, to exploit his capacity for work without compensation, to use him sexually without his consent, to seize his possessions, to humiliate him, to cause him pain, to torture and to kill him. Homo homini lupus. Who, in the face of all his experience of life and of history, will have the courage to dispute this assertion?” -- Sigmund Freud

America today is riven by a clash of ideas that separates communities, even families. We are more divided today than at any time since just before the Civil War. And that divide is based on two competing and exclusive political, religious and social ideologies: Progressivism and Conservatism.

They each feature a vision of how society should work that is completely at odds with the other, with no room for compromise: pro-choice vs. pro-life, regulation vs. the free market, freedom of religion vs. separation of church and state, gun control vs. the right to bear arms, Gay rights vs. traditional marriage, affirmative action vs. a colorblind workplace, and so on.

Each side portrays the other as ignorant, evil, stupid or crazy, as if no educated, compassionate, intelligent and sane person could possibly believe what the other espouses. But half a nation simply cannot be completely ignorant, evil, stupid and insane. How can logical, informed, reasonable people of goodwill come to such diametrically opposed points of view?

I am a life-long Libertarian, a political faction that belongs to neither camp, yet shares many ideas from each. And I’m a committed follower of Christ that stands against the self-serving corruption of human-created churches. [See my e-booklet: Of Myth and Magic] Impartial, with friends and family members in both camps, I believe I am uniquely qualified to explain the cause of this rivalry and where it will lead. After a lifetime of political activity and of comparing and contrasting the beliefs and arguments of friends and family members of both Left and Right, I have observed the progressive mentality firsthand in bitter conflict with that of conservatives. (And as a Libertarian I always end up disagreeing with both.)

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