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American Riff

Jameson Parker

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

Death proved to be far more convoluted than he had realized.

Distressed I couldn’t be at the funeral,” the lawyer said. He sat with his back to a window that opened on a narrow space between the houses so all Brian could see was the stone side of the building next door and a small patch of blue sky. “Your mother was a remarkable lady.”

Well, yes, thought Brian. That was a statement he could agree with. “Remarkable” covered a multitude of sins. But he simply said, “Thank you.”

The lawyer leaned back in his chair. He was a large man and fat, but with rolls of excess flesh, as if he had once been much fatter or had developed extra skin in anticipation of becoming fatter at some future date. He wore a three-piece suit with a heavy gold watch chain, almost certainly inherited from some prosperous grandfather, looping down across a vast and stately belly.

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