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Love is Forever

Peggy could tell that Jill was upset by the way she hung up the phone. “Is everything okay?” she asked.

Yeah, everything’s just great,” said Jill. “It’s turning out to be a crappy Valentine’s Day.”

What happened?” asked Peggy.

I’m not going to cry,” Jill told herself. Then she began to tell Peggy what was bothering her. “This is our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife, and Mike has forgotten what day it is.”

Why do you think that he has forgotten?” asked Peggy.

When we got up this morning,” said Jill, “I made him a very nice breakfast, of all his favorites. While we ate, I kept waiting for him to give me a card, or a gift, or at least wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Did you say anything to him about it?” asked Peggy.

No,” said Jill. “I was waiting for him to say something first. But, when we both left the house, he kissed me like he does every morning, and that was it.”

When he called him a few minutes ago, to see how his day was going, I was giving him a chance to redeem himself,” said Jill, “but, once again, he said nothing. I’m so mad at him for forgetting Valentine’s Day”

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