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But Wait...


F. J. Mackelroy

* * *

Smashwords Edition

But Wait... ©2010 by F. J. Mackelroy

for Algirdas

* * *

I got up this morning, and everything was fine, nice clear spring day, not as hot as the last few weeks. Ran on the treadmill for a while, and then my reward: coffee for good old Chuck.

Logged on to my morning commute, then decided to go over there in person, fleshtime, smell the cohorts, bump brains.

Don't know about them, but the air certainly smells good. After the megacrash, almost nobody drives anymore, so that has to help. I remember going to Mackinac Island as a kid, out in the Great Lakes, a place where they didn’t allow cars. We rode around the island in a horse-drawn carriage, and I remember looking at a nice house with no glass in the windows. That seemed odd. More than odd—not really possible in that northern climate. Then I realized the windows were still there, just totally invisible. Without the exhaust from cars and other pollutants, there was no film or grime to stick to the windows and stop the light. I wonder if our windows will turn clean and transparent, if this keeps up.

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