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"It was tough dealing with George's unsettled times with my lack of sleep and being constantly worried about what I was eating, or what I should be giving George to eat - and if it was affecting him or not."

"When George was 6 months old we took him to see Dr Rodney Ford. George had skin tests which showed he was allergic to egg, peanut, dairy, soy and goat milk. We then switched to a special baby formula ( pepti junior) as a milk substitute and we avoided all the foods he was allergic to. We also started giving George probiotics."

"Although it took a couple of months for George's skin to clear up to the point he was no longer scratching, he did become a lot more settled generally. It was great to at last know what was causing the eczema - he had multiple food allergy. And now we were able to do something positive to help George rather than trying to just manage it with creams and medicines that we weren't happy about giving him."

"George is now a happy boy who sleeps well every night and has little trouble with his eczema. Knowing, and being able to avoid the foods that were causing George's eczema has made life a lot easier for all of us."

"Thank you Dr Ford!" Jane & Brent

I have written this book to help you to through the first steps for looking after your child, like George, with a food allergy. One-in-ten children are affected by food allergy, so this is a huge problem – and getting worse. I have been helping my patients with food allergy and eczema for 30 years in my Allergy Clinic. I hope that I can now help you with your child.

About the author

Dr Rodney Ford is a paediatric gastroenterologist, allergist and nutrition consultant. Former Associate Professor of Paediatrics at the Christchurch School of Medicine, University of Otago, New Zealand. Recognized worldwide as an expert on adverse food reactions, food allergy, eczema, coeliac disease, gluten problems and author of “The Gluten Syndrome”. (see more details at the end of this ebook).



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