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Excerpt from the private journals of Lady Pleydell-Bouverie

The Legend of Atlantis and Sir Robert of Dreighton

As the continent of Atlantis sank around him, King Stullis traveled to the peak called Corallo and placed all of his ancestors’ most prized possessions into one chest, securing it inside a cave. Only one craft endured the storm that followed the sinking, its survivors passing on the story, some say myth, of the Treasure of Atlantis.

Thousands of years later, in the sixteenth century, an English captain by the name of Sir Robert of Dreighton was sent to Africa by the King of England to search for treasure left behind centuries before by Roman troops. While excavating beneath the floor of an abandoned temple, Dreighton discovered a map deteriorated by time. Experts did their best to decipher the ancient language found upon it. They believed the map recounted the wars of Atlantis, its eventual demise and the exact location of the legendary treasure.

One of the experts was a Spanish spy and he travelled back to Spain, informing the Spanish king what the British had found. The Spanish king ordered the spy to produce a copy of the map and an Admiral by the name of Rogalles was commissioned to find the Treasure before the English.

Many tales were written about Dreighton, his nemesis, the Spanish Admiral Rogalles and their race to claim the Treasure of Atlantis. Although popular in the sixteenth century, all were fiction, and most were written after both men had long given up their quest, empty-handed. Decades later, the race would begin again, but this time, in Langer, England.

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