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"'Home' is any four walls that enclose the right person"

~Helen Rowland

Part I: Stranger in a Strange Place

June 2, 2010

Chapter 1

"There you go, harping on home again. Isn't home wherever your family is, Della? Isn't that what everybody says?"

I refuse to say anything, just stare at my husband angrily, thinking a dozen different things that contradict what he's saying and only one point that agrees with his words. My...our...son, River, is my home. But this, this place I ended up in and can't fathom how I let myself be manipulated into agreeing to live, is not home. For me, there is only one home, one physical home. The town I was born and grew up in--Peaceful, Wisconsin. I haven't been there for so long, the loss is with me daily, every second lately. To me, home is safety, comfort, and peace. I have none of those things in this place. And Declan Flynn is the reason those basic needs were stolen from me.

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