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The Eco Boys

Turn the Tide

The first novel in a series

by Genia Stemper

Published by Genia Stemper at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Genia Stemper


Mother earth had been through a lot over the last couple of billion years. She had been through ice ages and meteors; fires and droughts. And all of this before humans even came into the picture. But now the earth was battling something it wasn’t familiar with. Chemicals were waging war on the planet’s creatures; and while they were doing what they were supposed to, by killing the “bad” bugs, and the “bad” weeds, they were harming so many other things as well. Because in nature, there is a reason for everything, and nothing is really "bad." It is only humans that make this distinction.

The delicate balance of nature was being disrupted. The earth was getting too worn and tired to fix everything. She needed help and she believed the help would arrive in the form of children. Children stopped and looked at the ants on the ground. They climbed in her trees and hid in her grass. Children, she knew, were her only hope.

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