Vous etes empereur, seigneur, et vous pleurez! You are emperor, sire, and you weep?



Like many unattainable things, the stars are most beautiful when seen from a distance. He had seen his share of them. There was never any end to the unchanging stars. No night, no day. No matter how far he traveled among them, his position seemed to be frozen in space. There was no escape.

I would tell you, my love, of all my life, now that my journey is nearing its end. If only you were here.

He was alone, or nearly. There was only one other passenger on board his spaceship Selesta.

On and on the ship traveled. Stars ahead, stars behind, enveloping him. He felt hopelessly lost in the infinity, even though he knew where he was going. If he were human, he felt certain the stars would have driven him insane long ago.

He was no longer human.

He was Ornenkai, an immortal. His soul memory was stored in the computerized databank of an ancient spaceship, the Selesta. A spaceship that had seen the rise and fall of the greatest alien civilization ever to have developed. A civilization so advanced, that it had been able to store the memories of a human man in a machine—and so, he had become a computerized entity, trapped forever in Selesta. Selesta, a ship created from the ruins of an ancient Enorian flagship.

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