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COVER Photo: copyright Juan Rodriguez-Torrent.Witches 1 & 3.” Paul Doniger’s production at Pomperaug High School, CT. Witches Angelica Aconfora and Kristen Valera

What the Critics Say

MACBETH resounds with Kabuki’s passion, fascination. KABUKI MACBETH works. In fact, it works far better than one could have reasonably expected. ...Surprisingly enough, in Sunde's adaptation, the Zen philosophy seems engrained into the story, not imposed on top of it. ..the images prove striking...more and more frightening as Macbeth's lust for power turns into obsession and finally madness." Tom Jacobs L.A.DAILY NEWS


"The best of two worlds... fascinatingly enjoyable Sunde's writing fluctuates between direct, modern statement and poetic imagery...the play works very well. This is a terrific show.” William Glackin SACRAMENTO BEE, OAKLAND TRIBUNE


ACHILLES “the essence of passion. Sunde's play, which compresses the Homeric epic into manageable proportions, is lucid and direct. ... The play...makes you see and hear with awakened eyes and ears.” Clifford A Ridley THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

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