Chapter 1

I began thinking about a computer file, a document one of our robot guardians, Onen, had recently discovered aboard our MI9, a thirty-foot long spacecraft. Twenty years ago, not long after we landed on this two hundred foot diameter Woys vessel, an alien ship called IN5, he started searching for the document. The file, one that was difficult to find because its titles had been altered during our voyage, mentioned Dr. Upton’s team of Physicists, a group of scientists who lived on Laiplen, the planet where the MI9 and our cloned DNA was created.

According to page four, Laiplen was entering an ice age, an event brought on by air pollution, and an oncoming cloud of asteroid dust. Because of this catastrophe, Upton and his team had placed fifteen men and fifteen women’s cloned DNA inside a micron sized spaceship, our MI9. Then they injected the craft in a Planck-size aperture, a tiny black hole that only remained open for a billionth of a second.

After several months, Dr. Upton’s team had created 2500 holes, doors to parallel universes. Unfortunately, because most of the openings were unstable, they only injected thirty-one ships into thirty-one holes.

Dinen, the head of the President’s Accounting Office, an organization representing the entire planet, told Dr. Upton that sending the MI9 ‘s was a waste of time and money. Then he stated that Dr. Upton and his team should give up on this project and assist other Physicists, scientists who wanted to launch more two hundred foot long spacecraft.

In a meeting with Dr. Upton and Dinen, Dr. Hopely, the head of Global Physicists, an international organization, a group consisting of 12,120 Physicists, told Dinen that Dr. Upton’s team knew far more about quantum foam and micron sized black holes than anyone else on Laiplen. Nonetheless, Dinen kept complaining, saying Dr. Upton’s plan would never work.

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