By Paul Carlson

Copyright 2012 by Paul Carlson

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ISBN: 978-1-4658-0603-1

Project Director Johnson strode confidently down the wide corridor. Past success had brought his efforts a flood of grant money, and major medical companies were taking interest. Everywhere he looked, things were in proper order. Stainless steel gleamed, LEDs winked, and well-scrubbed floors shone lustrous. Staffers hurried between duty stations, wrapping up their preparations.

Sensing Johnson's approach, a door slid open, revealing an immaculate office. On the desk, arranged just so, lay the current Technology Review magazine. His own project graced its cover. "The Ultimate in Reductionism?" asked the caption. Johnson had vowed to remove that question mark, and to have decisive evidence within the hour.

With a private smirk, Johnson indulged himself a vision of the Nobel Prize. He'd been nominated once before, and if this test series went half as well as planned, there'd be a prize with his name on it. Perhaps two. "Due to their unprecedented achievement," he murmured, "the prizes for Physics and for Medicine are awarded to Johnson and Larkspur."

Precisely on time, Assistant Director Larkspur's announcement filled the laboratory. "First coordinated scan in thirty minutes. Everyone please go over your final checklists."

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