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Sex With My Professor

By Luna Loupe

Copyright 2012 Luna Loupe

Smashwords Edition

"… resulting in the eventual collapse of the system, and ultimately…"

Kelly sat in the back of the lecture hall, no longer hearing Dr. Clarkson speaking. It wasn't that he was a bad lecturer - the poor guy couldn't help it that he was young, hot, and that every time he opened his mouth her brain instantly tuned out his words. It was like her pussy just took over when she was in his class.

She propped her chin up on one hand, staring thoughtfully down at the chalkboard. What would it be like if he took her there, in front of the whole classful of students? In front of everyone - he could push her up against the podium and flip back her too-tight skirt, slide her thong aside, and fuck her hard. She would squirm and moan, and he would pull her shirt up, exposing her firm round breasts to the class as he took her - showing them all what a horny slut she was. She'd have to be one to want that.

Kelly squirmed in her seat and glanced around - it wasn't a very big class, and the back two rows were empty, save for herself. Maybe if she was discreet enough…

She bit her flushed pink lips and slid one of her hands down under the desk, letting her palm rest against her inner thigh. In spite of the I'm-So-Fucking-Horny rays she could've sworn she was emitting, no one seemed to have realized what she was doing - all eyes were on Dr. Clarkson. Including hers, to be fair, but she was pretty sure everyone else had different motivations.

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