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The Faint-Hearted Hare

and Other Kyrgyz Folk Tales

retold by Oksana Vasilenko

Copyright Oksana Vasilenko 2012

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The Faint-Hearted Hare

Once upon a time there was a hare. Like all hares, he was very faint-hearted. All day long he sat in his form shaking with fear.

‘I’m very hungry,’ thought the hare, ‘but if I go outside, someone will eat me!’

So he only went out at night and always stayed very close to his form in case he had to hide there quickly. Nearby there was a deep hole filled with water. On a clear night the stars twinkled on the surface of the water and the hare liked to watch them.

One day he thought to himself, ‘I’m sitting in my form all day long. What kind of life is it anyway? I’m always hungry and I’m always bored. Maybe I should go outside and see what’s happening in the world.’

So he peeked out of his form. The sun was shining brightly, bees were buzzing in colorful flowers, birds were chirping in the trees.

‘Wow!’ thought the hare, ‘It looks great!’

He crawled out cautiously, looked around carefully but didn’t see any danger.

‘I’m strong and brave!’ said the hare to himself. ‘I’m not afraid of anyone!’

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