A Prom Night to Remember!

Copyright 2012


Latron M

Smashwords Edition

Prom Jitters

“Mom, I told you, I’m not going! I don’t have a date and I am not going to look like a pathetic jerk, going to prom alone!” Teddy slammed down his soda can and stormed from the kitchen, throwing himself sullenly onto the couch in the living room.

His mother followed him and planted herself stubbornly between him and the TV, hands on hips, her pale complexion flushed with emotion.

“Teddy, you are going. You’re eighteen now and this is your senior prom. I’m not going to watch while you miss one of the biggest nights of your life!”

Teddy leaned his head against the back of the couch, staring at the ceiling to avoid his mother’s gaze.

“Look. I asked every girl I know. I even asked a few I don’t know. No one wants to go to prom with a geek. I’m a joke,” Teddy said sadly.

“What about Michelle? You two have been friends since you were in diapers; of course she will go with you!” his mother asked demanded more than asked.

“She’s got a boyfriend, Mom. She’s going with him. Like she should.”

His mother sighed and sank down next to him on the couch, putting her hand on his knee.

“You are going to put on your father’s old tux and you are going to go to that school and show those girls what they are missing out on! It’ll be the best night of your life. No son of mine is going to sit pouting on prom night just because of a bunch of silly twits!”

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