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My girlfriend's anguished screams pierced my soul and I spun around, frantic to find her. I spotted her across the barn, struggling against the clutches of the demon, Christophe. He had my Serena trapped in his arms and was headed with her across the party to the gaping tear in the air. If I let him get there with her and go through to the other side, I would never see her again. What could I do? I was only a teenager. But, I was her only hope.

Besides that, in the short time that I had known Serena, she had become my world. It didn't matter that she was a witch. It didn't matter that in knowing her, I had uncovered startling revelations about my own heritage, my own background. It mattered only that she was my destiny, my future, and that we were fated to be together. It mattered only that I loved her. I'd loved her from almost the first moment I laid eyes on her at school.

I remembered every second of that day like it had only just happened. I couldn't have known it at the time, but that meeting was the first step on the journey that had brought me here today, fighting for our lives. The day my spellbinding life with Serena began.

Chapter One


I woke up with a start and realized I'd overslept. Great. Late again. I got dressed in a flash, grabbing clothes off the floor. I forged a quick note, jumped in my car and sped off. As a senior at White Mountain High in Lancaster, New Hampshire, I had an easy schedule, but I still hated to be late. I stuffed my car into the last spot in the school lot and raced inside. I jammed hard, hauling so fast past the administration office that I almost missed them. Almost.

Three girls were leaning against the administration counter in the office, chattering back and forth and filling out papers. The prettiest one immediately caught my eye. She was tall and slender with long hair the color of honey and shimmering green eyes. A younger girl with red curls and smiling eyes stood close to her playing with the zipper on her backpack and next to her was an older girl, tallest of them all, with short, dark hair. She busily filled out most of the papers. Glancing up when I approached, she appraised me swiftly, her eyes clearly NOT smiling at me. That one leaned over and whispered something quick and sharp to the blonde one, who waved her off and ambled right over to where I still stood, motionless.

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