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Taking On The Pack

Pammy Perkins

Copyright 2012 Pammy Perkins

Smashwords Edition

As the crisp, thin air wisped past his stubble-covered cheeks, a rush of happiness came over Damian, making him feel more alive than he’d ever felt in his life. Abandoning his privileged life in the snobby, rich suburbs to live in the wilderness had been the best decision he’d ever made. Damian never knew why, but he’d always felt that nature was his true home.

Camping with his family as a child was the first time he’d felt it. As he lay in his tent, he listened to the haunting sounds of the forest outside. Strangely, he wasn’t frightened by the sounds, but was instead fascinated by them. It was the wolves howling that excited him the most. Their howls would induce dreams of being a wolf himself. In these dreams, he felt invincible: hunting and traveling with his pack with the entire forest at their mercy. As he woke up, the brisk, quiet morning air, the birds chirping in the distance, and the soft crunch of the stick and leaves on the earth beneath his feet sent a strange sensation throughout his body that calmed and centered him.

Ever since then, Damian had consumed every book he could find about the wilderness, survival techniques, and wolves. It had become his personal obsession. He’d vowed that some day, he would become a wolf himself. Or at least, he would try to live like one.

It had only been six weeks since he’d packed the few tools he’d need to survive, told his family good-bye, and headed off into the mountains. He had finished his first year of college, but decided that he would rather live his life as an adventure than a chore. Although he was happy with his decision, he never knew how lonely it could get out in the wild. While his dream of being a wolf was being fulfilled, he still had no pack—with which to hunt, travel, and find companionship.

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