Vichara Chudamani.

(Crest Jewel of self-inquiry.)




Sri Dr. Raju is an eminent consultant physician and distinguished child paediatrician, and therefore as a scientist is able and well qualified to write with exceptional clarity and precision. Many aspirants to Self Realisation, who wish to follow Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi’s Great Teaching are initially discouraged by the apparent difficulty in commencing his effective sadhana of Atma Vichara. There is no doubt that Dr. Raju’s book tackles and successfully answers many of the difficult questions which may perplex the earnest sadhak. I heartily recommend this book for all those keen to practice Self Enquiry, Sri Bhagavan’s unique and infallible way to Self Realization..

Alan Jacobs
President Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK
London March 2012

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