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Cover and interior book design by Kamila Miller

CreateSpace First Print Edition March 2013

Also available as a 6x9 trade paperback. This book and other fiction and non-fiction books can be purchased through the Wyrd Goat Press website, Amazon and other retailers.

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To Lisa, Steve, David, Dale, R.R. and all my other friends

who might not want to be named even in this very anonymous manner

because there’s still fear, and hate, and politics.

Dale ... you’re still missed even after all the years gone by.

And to my tribe, some of whom don’t mention their religious beliefs

because there’s still fear, and hate, and politics.

Politics will always dog us, but maybe someday the fear and hate will be directed only at those who actually earned it through selfish acts of predation, violence and destruction against the young, the good, the hard-working and the innocent.

It’s a silly dream, I know, but sometimes dreams come true.

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