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Dog Eared

Ten minute stage plays for 4 actors+1(Voice Over)

Edmond: 40+, Shakespearian style

Erroyl: 40+ Suave Debonair style

Ian: 20+ Sporting style

Jan: 30+ Domestic goddess style

Tom: 40+ Southern Dixieland accent (V.O.)


Set in A Second Hand bookshop. Each actor is a book, worried as they are caught up in the recycling craze.

(The action of how the “Books” leave the stage is up to the director)

Time: Now.


What is that appalling disturbance? It is causing my mind to implode, surely, it must stop, how am I going to continue? Really! A man of my position should not be subjected to a thunderous waterfall of the foulest of words. Can the rabble that owns this store not place him in some knock down bin?


Be fair old sport, it is our Tom there howling to the winds. Your just jealous because he was your no1 contender in the student library departments, remember sir, was it not only a year ago were you over there in the fishing section, “What worm is that?” as I remember the title being.

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