Nightmare! grabbed me from the gut the moment I read the prologue. I found myself getting perturbed at distractions, as I couldn't seem to put it down. The characters are believable, and take on a life of their own as you become engrossed in the story. The unexpected twists to the plot took my breath away, and I couldn't seem to read fast enough to satisfy my desire to ‘see what happened.’ Nightmare! is a must read! I am definitely waiting for the sequel!“

A.G. Salinas, Author, "The Captain has her Heart"


There is a small secluded area just outside Nashville, Tennessee, where evil dwells. Gathering it strength over the millennia, it has maimed, killed, and tortured without consequence.

Now it's up to one family to face the evil and exorcise it from the land once and for all.

But before they can fully understand the nature of the evil that they face they must also come face to face with their own fears as dark secrets are revealed.

Will they be strong enough to stand against the evil or will they become its latest victims?

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