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Charlie the Cricket Learns to Sing

By Anne Spackman

Copyright 2012 by Anne Spackman

Smashwords Edition

Cover art by Anne Spackman

Using Wikipedia Commons public domain picture

Field Crickets are tiny insects that live in meadows. Charlie the Cricket was born in the middle of a stormy night at the end of the Starlight Meadow, just where the Rainbow Forest begins. Now, crickets like to chirp and sing at night. Charlie’s father Connor was not so good a singer, but he was a nice enough fellow. Connor liked to sit on a long blade of grass in the evenings after a nice meal of fresh plants. There, clinging to a long stalk Charlie’s father Connor would chirp away into the night air song after song as crickets do by rubbing their wings together.

Charlie’s family lived in a tiny den on the ground. Charlie’s brothers were all different singers. But Charlie felt very sad and different than the others because he could not sing. He wanted to sing very badly, but when he rubbed his wings together to make noise, they were quiet and just made a rustling sound. Charlie was very disappointed in himself, but his father Connor assured him that one day Charlie would sing if he tried long enough and practiced hard enough.

“You will sing lovely songs, my son, if you keep trying,” reassured Connor to Charlie. “Have patience, my son.”

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