Chester the Coyote

By Anne Spackman

Copyright 2012 by Anne Spackman

Smashwords Edition

Cover art by Anne Spackman, using picture within the public domain

Once upon a time, in the high cold mountains of a place called Ash Mountain, there lived a clever young coyote named Chester.  Chester's cozy den was made of moss, bracken, and fallen leaves.  He lived in a small, wooded glade that lay in the valley between the mountains.  Even on sunny days, Ash Mountain's peaks were covered in a swath of misty clouds and drifts of pure white snow.  Ash Mountain was a very lovely place to live, and Chester was very happy there.   

"Coo coo!" called the dove one morning from high above Chester. 

"Good morning, Dove," said Chester. Chester had many friends, including foxes, badgers, and small birds, mostly wood doves, thrushes, and sparrows, that lived in the trees nearby.

"Hiss!" said Slippery the Snake, as he slithered past Chester.

"Oh, excuse me," said Chester, stepping lightly away. It was not a wise thing to step on a snake.

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